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Never miss the Joey again

As Tufts students who hated missing the Joey, we had one goal in mind: we wanted to make catching the Tufts Joey easier and more convenient. With our findjoey service, anyone can instantly receive a free text message containing up-to-the-minute Joey schedule and location information. Using GPS and schedule data, findjoey will always help you find the shuttle you need in three simple steps:

1 Write it 2 Send it 3 Get it

Write the text

Write a text with the word 'findjoey' (no spaces) to receive general schedule information.

To receive scheduling information about a specific Joey stop, you may text 'findjoey' followed by the name of that stop. For example, try: 'findjoey davis', 'findjoey campus', 'findjoey olin', 'findjoey talbot'.

Send the message

Send your message to 41411 and your request will be processed immediately. You can expect a response within seconds.

Get the schedule

Here's what you would get if you texted findjoey right now:

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